Antonio Roman

This area gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about you, your books and why you do what you do.


This area is 100% editable and you can use it to say whatever you wish to your website visitors. And remember, of course, all the images are fully editable so you can add your own!

What you write is totally up to you, there is no right or wrong way to complete your 'About Us' page.  We advise making your language friendly and approachable, while being informative and professional.


Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand…as if you were talking to your readers.


You should also consider adding key information such as:
- Why you write in a particular genre
- Your qualifications
- How many years experience you have
- A list of your published works
- What you're working on next
- Your contact details
- Any events or readings you're attending
You could also include any reviews you've received from fans or critics